• H150L Headlamp
      • 250 Lumens + 312 Lumens boost feature
      • Red Halo low-lumen mode designed to enhance sight without compromising natural night vision
      NZ$ 79.99
      NZ$ 49.99
    • LED Lenser H6 Headlamp
      Advanced Focus System for seamless transition from a broad floodlight to sharp long-distance beam. The 90 degree tilting head and sliding dimmer switch are easy to use with one hand.
      NZ$ 179.00
      NZ$ 125.01
    • LED Lenser H7R.2
      The H7R.2 is an upgraded version of the popular rechargeable H7R headlamp.
      NZ$ 199.99
      Out Of Stock
    • Led Lenser H14R.2
      Boasting up to 850 lumens of a light. Exceptional lighting performance.
      NZ$ 329.00
    • Led Lenser H7.2
      LED Lenser have further developed the strengths of the original H7 model.
      NZ$ 159.99
    • Led Lenser SEO 5
      People who are performance oriented are going to love the Led Lenser.
      NZ$ 110.00
      NZ$ 94.99
    • Led Lenser SEO 7R
      This top model is rechargeable and offers more light performance.
      NZ$ 159.99